Vikings offer to trade unhappy Walker to Falcons

January 26, 1992

The Minnesota Vikings have confirmed that they are discussing a trade that would send running back Herschel Walker to the Atlanta Falcons.

"I'd like to get a first- and second-round draft choice," Vikings president Roger Headrick told the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Friday. "But at this point, all we're doing is talking."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution yesterday quoted an unidentified source who said Walker wanted to finish his career in his home state of Georgia.

"It is only logical that, at this point in his career, Herschel would want to wrap it up in front of the people who love him the most," the source said. "But, right now, it's just 'what if' kind of talk."

Walker, 29, a Heisman Trophy winner at Georgia, said at the end of the season that he would not return to the Vikings because team officials broke promises to make him a featured back.

* SAINTS: General manager Jim Finks remained hospitalized after experiencing chest pains while playing indoor tennis. Finks, 64, was listed as stable in Minneapolis early yesterday in Abbott Northwestern Hospital's cardiac intensive unit, but later requested that hospital officials not release any details of his condition.

In Minneapolis to attend the Super Bowl, Finks was playing tennis Friday with former Vikings coach Jerry Burns, Vikings senior vice president Jaye Dyer and television and newspaper football reporter Will McDonough. About 40 minutes into the game, Finks began experiencing chest pains.

* BUCCANEERS: Linebacker Jesse Solomon has filed a lawsuit against the Dallas Cowboys, accusing the team of breaking written and oral contracts in 1990 and 1991.

Solomon filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Dallas County District Court, The Dallas Morning News reported.

"We tried to go to the Cowboys and talk to them about this, but the opportunity didn't present itself," said Nick Foley, an attorney representing Solomon. "So we had to file a suit to protect him."

Cowboys director of player personnel Bob Ackles, who was in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, said he had not seen the lawsuit and refused to comment.

The lawsuit said Solomon entered into an oral contract with the Cowboys before the 1991 season that was to pay him $675,000 && per season over three years. Dallas subsequently suspended Solomon before the start of the season and traded him to the New England Patriots in September. The Patriots traded Solomon the next day to Tampa Bay.

* The bumps, bruises and day-to-day poundings withstood by pro football players can lead to lifelong physical problems, according to a Saint Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press survey of retired players.

In a copyright story Friday, the newspaper reported that 82 percent of 100 retired NFL players interviewed are experiencing ailments they believe are linked to their pro football careers. Some can't run. Some have impaired hearing or vision. Some face imminent surgery to replace joints that don't work anymore. Others just ache a lot.

Knees were the most common problem, cited by 43 percent of surveyed players with football-related ailments, followed by shoulders, backs and lower arms and hands, all about 25 percent.

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