Dear Sir:I am under the impression that the old Camden...

The Stadium Doctor

January 26, 1992

Dear Sir:

I am under the impression that the old Camden warehouse building settlement was to have been in November. Figures from $11 million to $17 million were thrown around, but no final figures have I seen yet released. Could you please update us on this?

Walter F. Leader

Owings Mills

Dear Walter F. Leader:

I have something amazing to share with you. I know the answer.

Sun reporter Sandy Banisky cracked this case back on April 27 when she reported that the Maryland Stadium Authority and the warehouse owners, including businessmen Morton Macks and Willard Hackerman, agreed to a settlement of $11 million for the B&O warehouse.

By the way, neither side thought this was a terrific deal. The warehouse owners, who paid $4.6 million for the building in 1983, wanted $18 million. The Stadium Authority initially said it was worth only $7.5 million.

Coming next week: Stadium Authority officials share their favorite recipes.

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