Breast ImplantsIf all would follow it, the world would be...


January 26, 1992

Breast Implants

If all would follow it, the world would be a better place.

Frank T. Prenger.


Spreading Pain

Editor: Kurt Schmoke wants to spread the pain caused by his and the previous city administration's fiscal bungling and ineptitude.

How fair-minded of him. We who are about to pay the price salute him.

All city employees must sacrifice five days' pay through a furlough plan. This appears to spread the pain equally but there are at least two groups of city employees more equal than others, when it comes to sacrifice.

Consider police officers and fire fighters. How much more can Mr. Schmoke rightly ask them to give?

During the last 22 years, I have seen 25 of my brother officers laid in the ground, killed in the line of duty. Seven were my personal friends. Sixty officers, men and women suffered the singular trauma of gunshot wounds and survived. I have written each of their names in a special place.

In my time, literally thousands of city officers have sustained serious physical and spiritual harm at the hands of criminals. It happens almost every day.

On behalf of fire fighters, I can only proffer that theirs is a more dangerous business than that of the police, their traditional comrades in service.

Can it be truly right and just to require men and women who have shed their blood in duty, to offer the bread of their families as well? Shall we ask it of those who may bleed or lay down their lives tomorrow for the rest of us?

Jeffrey C. Wright.



The writer is a retired city police lieutenant.

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