Zoo launches campaign to raise funds for exhibit

January 26, 1992

The Baltimore Zoo will begin a grass-roots fund-raising campaign this week, hoping to raise $150,000 to fill its new African Watering Hole exhibit with rhinos, zebra, antelope and exotic birds.

The six-week campaign -- relying in large part on the public to send in donations and schoolchildren to raise money through classroom activities -- is the zoo's response to budget cuts that have left the $4 million watering hole filled only with water.

It will be promoted through print and broadcast public service announcements and posters, beginning tomorrow.

Zoo officials noted that more than 100,000 students from around the state visit the attraction free each year on school trips, and a $1 donation from each of those visitors would put the campaign goal in easy reach.

Schools participating in the campaign will receive a special newsletter with information on the campaign, as well as coupons for free admission to the zoo.

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