Leggett denies ever having sex with aide charging harassment

January 26, 1992

ROCKVILLE (AP) -- Montgomery County Council member Isiah Leggett has testified that he never had sex with a female former aide who claims he made her his "sex slave." Mr. Leggett offered an alibi for their alleged first encounter.

"No, sir," Mr. Leggett said Friday when his lawyer, Roger Titus, asked if he had ever had sex or desired sex with Anne Renee Colbert.

Ms. Colbert had said they had sex on Aug. 23, 1987, in Mr. Leggett's garage by the washing machine at his Burtonsville home.

Mr. Leggett said his washing machine was in his laundry room. He also said that, at the time, he was living with Brenda Sutton in Washington -- as Ms. Sutton testified earlier last week.

Mr. Leggett also produced a check written to a Baptist church in Silver Spring dated that day and said he was at services from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. -- the hours Ms. Colbert said she was with him. Pastor Lionel Pointer testified that services lasted that long and that he received the check that Sunday in the offering.

Ms. Colbert's lawsuit claims that Mr. Leggett forced her into a degrading sexual relationship in which they smoked cocaine and engaged in group sex -- and then fired her when she ended the relationship.

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