Plans For Homes Worry Neighbors At Stoneybrooke

January 24, 1992

StoneyBrooke Village residents worry that three proposed single-family homes at Duvall Highway and Stoney Creek Drive will make the intersection unsafe.

Robert M. Garcia of Stoney Creek Road has asked the county Office of Planning and Zoning to subdivide a 1-acre lot, across Duvall Highway from North East High School, into five parcels. The lot already contains two homes.

Donald E. Meeker, president of the StoneyBrooke Village Association, has asked the Office of Planning and Zoning to deny Garcia's request.

Meeker said the intersection already is stressed, serving as an entrance to the 300 homes in his neighborhood, Mount Pleasant Beach and Hillside Park. Nearly 10,000 cars pass through the intersectionevery day, he said.

Residents also have complained that Garcia, who purchased the property in October 1977, did not have to comply with stricter subdivision rules that require a public hearing. County Planning and Zoning Officer Ardath Cade waived those requirements Dec. 3, 1991.

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