C&P hasn't cracked code

January 24, 1992

You know all those reminders about using the new 410 area code?

Despite its harping about the importance of using 410, Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co. still hasn't kicked the 301 habit.

Eagle-eyed customers might have noticed that the old 301 still appears at the top of phone bills.

Also, Bell Atlantic's newly issued calling card, dubbed the IQ Card, still carries -- you guessed it -- the old 301 area code.

C&P said that, despite its recorded messages reminding callers to use the 410 prefix, it will not be switching over until all of its software has been updated. Dave Pacholczyk, a C&P spokesman, said phone bills will reflect the new area code beginning Feb. 18. Callers have until November to make the switch.

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