Terps' football salary scale has gone up

January 23, 1992|By Mike Preston | Mike Preston,Sun Staff Correspondent

COLLEGE PARK -- Although new coach Mark Duffner was hired to put life back into Maryland's football program, the addition of Duffner and his eight assistants has been costly to the athletic department, which already faces a $5 million deficit.

According to figures released by the university yesterday, the average salary of the eight assistants hired by Duffner is $62,250, compared with $50,025 for the same number of coaches under former coach Joe Krivak, who resigned Dec. 7.

Maryland's Andy Geiger, who became athletic director Oct. 1, said there is a significant increase in the average salary, but most of it comes from the result of high-priced housing in this area.

He also said the recent salaries are in line with a 1-year-old survey by athletic directors around the country comparing assistant pay scales. According to Geiger, assistants made nearly $60,000 and coordinators made $70,000.

Newly hired Maryland offensive coordinator Dan Dorazio and defensive coordinator Larry Slade will each make $75,000.

"Most of the staff that was here came in under Bobby Ross 10 years ago," said Geiger. "We were well below the average salary. The base has changed over the years, and most of it can be attributed to housing, which is higher here than in most other parts of the country.

"It's going to take more money to bring people in from the outside because you're competing with other schools for these people," said Geiger. "I know the marketplace. We're consistent with what other schools are paying from around the country."

But the hirings are coming at a time when the university has cut class sizes, had layoffs and furloughed days for employees. A tenured professor at Maryland has an average salary of $69,000.

Within the athletic department, Maryland also had to reach a settlement on the final three years of Krivak's contract. Krivak was making $94,000 per season. Duffner signed a five-year contract worth $120,000 per season. Duffner also still has to hire one more assistant.

"We knew we would have to make attractive offers if we wanted certain people to get a cracker jack staff," said Geiger, whose department will receive additional money from the Atlantic Coast Conference for members participating in postseason play as well as television revenue. "Now if we have success and that translates into better season-ticket sales and more revenue, than we have no problem.

"You can't run a Division I program on a Division II budget," said Geiger. "Some changes were necessary. Either we become competitive, or we continue to lollygag."

Actually, Geiger added two more people to work with the football program than a year ago. Last season, Jeff Mann was the recruiting coordinator and administrative assistant. Duffner now has Kyle Lingerfelt ($48,000) as his recruiting coordinator and Bruce Warwick ($40,000) as his administrative assistant.

Duffner also was allowed to bring a team strength coach, Dave Ungerer ($45,000) to Maryland. Previously, Frank Costello was in charge of conditioning for all the athletic teams. He no longer will work with the football program as far as weightlifting is concerned.

"If you take a look at the other schools in the conference, each one has an administrative assistant and a recruiting coordinator," said Geiger. "It's nothing new, but something different at Maryland. Every coach I spoke with during the interview session recommended that we separate the two.

"Overall, I'm pleased with the coaches on our staff, they're well respected," said Geiger.

NOTE: Maryland freshman PK Dave DeArmas said he will play at Maryland next season. DeArmas, who redshirted last season, thought about transferring to Miami. He said he met with Duffner yesterday, when he announced his decision.

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