Taking It To The Streets

January 23, 1992|By Susanne Trowbridge

Why just wear your swimsuit to the beach or pool? This year, a lot of swimwear is designed to go from the beach to the streets with ease, particularly the bold new prints and glittering metallic looks.

Nancy Sachs of Saks Fifth Avenue suggests wearing a pretty tank as a bodysuit, or buying a two-piece suit and wearing the top underneath a sheer white blouse. "Donna Karan did that for spring as part of her ready to wear," says Ms. Sachs. "So if a woman invested in a two-piece bathing suit with a pretty bra that had maybe some paillettes or some metallics, she could wear it )) under a sheer shirt."

Worn with or without a swimsuit, an over sized white shirt is this season's must-have accessory, says Ms. Sachs. "You can really take that top that you would possibly only have been wearing over a swimsuit and wear it a number of different ways. It's now being worn with a pair of jeans and a tight evening pant, or with a short little spandex skirt," she says. "You can do so much with it."

Another chic touch is a hat that matches your swimsuit, says Cookie Rosenberg of the We Fit shop. "They're real cute," she says. "It's nice, because a lot of women are afraid of sitting out and getting too much sun. The hat has got a big brim and it keeps the sun off their face."

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