Ken Mar Residents Seek Time For Revision

New Delay Sought In Long-standing Roads Dispute

January 22, 1992|By Ellie Baublitz | Ellie Baublitz,Staff writer

WESTMINSTER — Residents of Ken Mar Manor yesterday asked the county Planning Commission for more time to revise road plans to end a two-year squabble between the county and developer of the Eldersburg community.

Commission members expressed frustration when told by Franklin G. Schaeffer, chief of the Bureau of Development Review, that the homeowners had"run into a snag" while preparing the proposal.

"This happened before -- we told them to bring us plans for approval, but Frank (Schaeffer) couldn't get them to bring us anything," said Edmund R. Cueman, commission secretary.

No one from the community attended the meeting, but John Hattrup, secretary for the Ken MarHomeowners Association, said later that the problem was an internal one.

The 16-home community near Piney Run Park has been without proper roads and driveways for about two years. The county recalled thedeveloper's bond on the work because the project was not completed to original plans.

Wynne A. Stevens, president and owner of StevensHomes Inc., bought the property after it had been designed in 1987. He began making several changes to the plan before presenting new plat maps to county officials for approval.

After a county inspectionin August 1989 found the work was not constructed as planned, the county attorney pulled $81,600 of Stevens' bond, forcing the developer to stop work in the middle of the project.

The Planning Commissionrequested that the county commissioners enforce the original plan last June. However, in a meeting with the commissioners and other county officials last month, the homeowners said they preferred another plan.

"This is the second time we've had (Ken Mar) on the agenda andthe residents don't show up," said commission member Zeno M. Fisher Jr. "We've already said, 'Don't bring it back.' Why don't we enforce the original public works agreement?"

Cueman said it was up to thecommissioners to enforce the agreement.

Drawing laughter from thecommission by going down on his knees, County Attorney Charles W. Thompson Jr. pleaded for the commission to give the community and county one more chance to present the necessary plans for approval.

"Byvirtue of having the bond, it's incumbent on the county to complete the work as originally designed or come up with an acceptable alternative plan," Thompson said.

Stevens said his primary concern is getting enough money from the bond to pay his debts.

The planning commission agreed unanimously yesterday to consider the Ken Mar problem one more time, but only if an enforceable plan is presented for approval.

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