The Requirements Are Extraordinary For This Top 24


Call Going Out For Best Of Student-athletes

January 22, 1992|By Pat O'Malley

Before we go diving into a pile of "questions without answers," let me first answer a question for some of you who have called recently.

The application box for our 10th annual Anne Arundel County Sun Academic-Athletic Team soon will be running on these pages. Look for it, and if you are a student-athlete who goes beyond ordinary requirements, please make sure you apply.

Once again, we will be looking for 12 boys and 12 girls from around the county who combine those rare qualities of excellence in academics and athletics.

It goes without saying that we are looking forthe student-athletes whose grade-point average is well above the Anne Arundel County public school requirement of 1.67 to play high school sports.

To be eligible, you must have played more than one varsity sport, reside in the county (meaning those who attend high schoolsoutside the county are eligible), fill out the application that willfrequently appear in the Anne Arundel County Sun and have a parent or guardian sign it.

You also should send along recommendation letters from such people as administrators, faculty, coaches and employers and information on any school and community involvement.

Often times, the determining factor in selecting someone for the prestigiousteam over someone else with equal credentials is the neatness of your application and its preparation.

Last year, nearly 100 student-athletes applied for the team that recognizes the unsung heroes of high school sports, the kids who do more than just lead the county in scoring.

Applicants also will be asked to write an essay on a specified topic. Many of last year's candidates really shined in that area.

Sometime this spring we will honor the team with an awards presentation. That night, each of the 24 chosen will be publicly recognizedfor his or her achievements.

Since this is the 10th team, we alsoare looking for those named in the previous nine years and would like to know where you are and what you are doing.

So, if you are reading this today, please give me a call on the 24-hour Sportsline, 647-2499, and leave your name, phone number, year you were selected and the school you attended and tell a little about yourself.

Any family member who reads this and has a former team member who moved out of town, please call and provide us with some information.

Now let's get down to those "questions without answers."

* Wasn't that extraordinarily tacky on the part of the Anne Arundel Community College administration last week to prevent a player on the men's hoops team from participating because he had not yet paid his second-semester tuition?

How many junior college athletes around the state and the nation do you think might be playing despite not meeting all their financial requirements?

How many students attending class are not paid up?

Yesterday, the school's registrar's office told me that lateregistration for second semester runs until Jan. 27. Second-semesterclasses just began yesterday, so why wasn't that basketball player given at least until yesterday to pay his tuition, instead of being told last Thursday that he couldn't play?

The young man attended school during first semester, worked to get his grades up so he could play during second semester, and had practiced all last week to play inlast Thursday's game against Essex Community College.

I can't believe the school would be that cruel to a student/athlete. Was the kidbeing used to get at Mark Amatucci, who resigned Saturday?

Does that school ever cease to amaze you?

* By the way, wasn't the men'shoops team lucky that Mark Healy got back in time for Monday night'sgame, rather than have Buddy "Brine" Beardmore as interim coach?

* Can you believe that the Old Mill girls junior-varsity basketball team humiliated the Annapolis girls, 68-5, last week and kept the press on until the bitter end? Is that what high school sports is all about?

Hasn't the Old Mill JV girls hoops coach been doing that kind of thing for at least a couple years now? What does it accomplish? Does it make the coach look great?

* While I've blamed former countyCoordinator of Physical Education Paul Rusko for naming the two county sports divisions "Bay" and "Friendship," did you know it really was Arundel High Principal Ken Catlin who came up with the names?

Can you think of better names? C'mon, will you give me a hand by comingup with two better names that I can pass along to my good friends onRiva Road?

* When we get out of this budget mess and recession and things start moving again, shouldn't the county seriously consider finding a way to have a full-time certified athletic trainer at each county high school?

* This "Q" provided by veteran youth coach TomCaines of Pasadena: 'Why is Northeast High the only non-Class 4A school north of Annapolis?"

* Is there a better rebounder in the county than Arundel's 6-foot-5 junior Richard Abrams?

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