Top Ten List Of Ways To Know That You Are Politicallly Correct:

January 22, 1992|By Marty Adelstein | Marty Adelstein,NEW YORK TIMES NEWS SERVICE

10. Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas both despise you.

9. Gloria Steinem and Tommy Tune find you irresistible.

8. Norman Mailer and Mike Tyson have threatened to punch you out.

7. You own an American car but have a Japanese chauffeur.

6. You drink designer water out of Depression glasses.

5. You use Styro-foam cups but remember that the name is a trademark.

L 4. You wear a Male Chauvinist Piglet tie under your sweater.

3. You play golf but only on public courses.

2. You wear fur but only from unpopular animals.

1. You admire David Duke's plastic surgeon.

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