Hizzoner's going after the Fire Department next. Starting...

On the other hand

January 22, 1992|By DAN BERGER

Hizzoner's going after the Fire Department next. Starting with the board. Those guys don't carry hoses.

Japan doesn't think U.S. workers are lazy. It hopes so.

George will visit a Head Start or senior center or employment office for photo ops every day till November. That's the power of the incumbency.

The Cubans in Florida don't frighten Fidel. It's the Cubans in Cuba who do.

The Nuremberg war crimes trials got the biggest policy-makers. West Germany cited the precedent to sentence an East German border guard.

Global warming is a menance in summer but has its virtues in winter.

When God is on one side and the army on the other,as in Algeria, they kick up a lot of sand

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