Check stones and clasps

January 22, 1992|By New York Times

Experts advise shoppers to decide how much they want to spend for a particular item before going to a jewelry store.

"A jeweler should show you things in your price range," said Steffan Aletti, president of the Jewelry Industry Council. "It's a lot easier to shop that way."

Whatever the type of gold or silver jewelry, look at it closely. Make sure it is stamped with the quality mark and trademark you are paying for, that it is properly polished and that there are no scratches, spots or rough edges.

When the piece contains a precious or semiprecious stone, tug at the stone to see that the setting holds it securely. See if the back of the piece is finished as well as the front. And be certain that any clasps are firmly attached.

"Anything mechanical on the jewelry should be very solid," said Peter Schneirla, a Tiffany group vice president. "Markups vary from outlet to outlet, but you get what you pay for."

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