Express Int'l"My top stock pick for 1992 is Air Express...


January 22, 1992|By Opinions on stocks offered by investment experts. Compiled by Steve Halperm for Knight Ridder.

Express Int'l

"My top stock pick for 1992 is Air Express International (AEX, NYSE)," says Andrew Addison, The Addison Report, Franklin, Mass.

"One of the major air freight forwarding companies, Air Express is well-positioned to participate in any economic recovery. It has a strong presence in the Asian market; international operations account for almost three-fourths of income. The stock boasts an explosive chart pattern. A decisive move through 22 would confirm projections to the mid-30s."

First Brands

"Our favorite stock for the new year is First Brands, (FBR, NYSE), a leading consumer products company." says John Rogers Jr., The Patient Investor. "Although the firm is not well known, its four major brands -- Prestone, GLAD, STP and Simonize -- are well-recognized market leaders. Recently, the stock price has suffered as disappointing antifreeze sales have overshadowed the company's strong consumer franchises . . . . we believe the stock is one of the few reasonably priced opportunities in the market."


"Our top 1992 pick is Kaydon, OTC, KDON) a lean and focused manufacturing firm," says Ed Welles, Common Stocks, Common Sense, Concord, Mass.

"This is a gem hiding in the Rust Belt. Kaydon makes seals, rings and bearings for everything from CAT scanners to railroad engines.

"It has a very broad customer base and very high net margins. The firm is making smart acquisitions overseas, and foreign sales should rise from 15 percent to 25 percent of revenues over the next two years."

Melville Corp.

Retailer Melville Corp. (MES, NYSE) is the top '92 pick of Alston Barrow, Favorably Positioned Stocks, Tampa.

"The stock is now priced near its recession lows, and paying a 3.5 percent dividend. Melville runs 923 shoe outlets under the Thom McAn and Fan Club names, plus more than 2,000 leased shoe departments in Kmart stores. Other divisions include Chess King, Marshall's, Wilson's and Circus World . . . We think these shares will power their way to new highs near $60 in 1992."

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