Have always wondered why there isn't a scoreboard at...

Q. I

January 19, 1992

Q. I have always wondered why there isn't a scoreboard at a boxing match. This would enable the participants and spectators alike to know what's happening. I can think of no other game or sport without a scoreboard. Why boxing?

Rosemary Lyne

Shepherdstown, W.Va.

A. For this one, we went right to a man who knows the score, The Sun's Alan Goldstein, who has seen more rings than a Las Vegas justice of the peace.

"It has been tried," Goldstein said. "There are several reasons why people argue not to have it. The biggest ones are that people feel a riot could break out in the middle of the fight, if fans don't like the scoring, or it could change the character of the fight -- a fighter who was far ahead would coast. They feel if the fighters don't know who's ahead, they'll fight harder."

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