Glazer owns Md. park - of sorts

January 19, 1992

SALISBURY -- To reach Malcolm Glazer's only other Maryland venture, drive north out of Salisbury on U.S. 13, past the Motel Miami.

The Salisbury Mobile Home Park is one of many quiet moneymakers Mr. Glazer has around the country.

He purchased the 200-lot park in 1972 for $450,000. Characteristically, he put down only $60,000 on the 24-acre property and persuaded the owners, a Salisbury family, to take back a 25-year mortgage on the rest.

Twenty years ago, the mobile home park was well-removed from Salisbury development. Now, business is booming all around it. The Salisbury mall is next door and Glazer's property is assessed at $1.75 million.

The main road into the park is unpaved and rutted with 6-inch-deep potholes. The park itself appears to be in decent shape, except for some litter-strewn yards.

Residents seem to know nothing about their landlord except that the $191 a month he charges is too high.

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