From The Sun Jan. 19-25, 1842JAN. 20: Robert Wilson...


January 19, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 19-25, 1842

JAN. 20: Robert Wilson, formerly a member of the Temperance Society, kicked his pledge to the "moles and bats," on Tuesday night last, and as a consequence abused F. Bayley, and beat his mother-in-law, for which outrageous conduct, he was committed jail.

JAN. 21: Randolph's Will -- This has been decided and the slaves are free. It is reported that they are to go either to Canada or Liberia.

From The Sun Jan. 19-25, 1892

JAN. 19: The population of the United States increases by 1,000,000 persons yearly.

JAN. 21: Mr. M. Momenthy, of South Gay Street, received a letter from a relative in St. Petersburg, Russia, yesterday, stating that the grip had almost prostrated the population and that deaths were occurring by the hundreds.

From The Sun Jan. 19-25, 1942

JAN. 19: New and spectacular evidence of the life-saving qualities of the sulfa group of drugs has just been presented to the War Department in a report on the treatment of men wounded in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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