WILTED 'FLOWERS'Editor: I felt your feature article...


January 19, 1992


Editor: I felt your feature article "Flowers for Mrs. Luskin" [Dec. 15] was a very inappropriate choice for the beginning of our holiday season.

Margaret H. Lowe



Editor: In looking at the centerfold ad in the Sunday magazine section of the Dec. 15 issue, I first became amused and [then] appalled at the glaring error carried in the copy of the ad. The ad taken by the Maryland State Bar Association totally misstated what the Bill of Rights is. The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments of the Constitution -- not all 26!

I guess one can only assume that we have come a long way since Shakespeare's time, when the first step in an illegal revolution of a country was to eliminate the lawyers, as they protected the people's rights, to today, when the lawyers do not know what the basic rights are. Perhaps if less time were spent litigating and more time in protecting rights, such despicable errors would not be made.

Charles Siegel



Editor: It was interesting reading [the fiction winners] in the Sun Magazine Dec. 22. I hope The Sun gives us a chance to read many more of these stories.

Seeing these stories in print will encourage . . . children to write more.

Betty D. Edlavitch


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