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January 17, 1992

Let America be first in doing what's right

There is scant difference in the political philosophies of David Duke and Patrick Duke-anan.

Surely, David Duke, and to a goodly degree, Patrick Buchanan, are merely echoes of Ronald Reagan's and George Bush's odious campaign politicking.

Worse than the (isolationist) "America First" sloganeering being hawked by Buchanan is the president's own isolation from the average American citizen.

But putting America first need not be calamitous if humanely applied.

Let America be first in providing jobs with livable wages for all citizens capable of working.

Let America be first in quality education for our precious children.

Let it be first in an innovative health care program that ranks second to none for all citizens of our nation.

Let it be first in the progressive promotion of race relations.

Let it be first in the eradication of AIDS and drugs from our shores.

Let it be first in aiding the homeless, the poor and elderly.

Let it be first in extending its hearts and assistance to every child who suffers needlessly.

And let America be first in seeking a genuine and lasting peace, equality and justice for all peoples and nations of the world.

Leon Peace Ried


Fair trade

Is it possible for citizens of this country to want fair trade policies with other nations without being accused of being isolationists or Japan-bashers? If a foreign company wants to sell its goods in the U.S., a tariff should be charged that is equal to the tariff its country puts on goods produced by American manufacturers. If a foreign country limits the amount of any particular product imported from the U.S., then the same limit should apply to that country's goods entering the U.S.

Is it possible for a citizen of this country to want to protect his job and political voice by demanding limits on the number of immigrants entering this country without being regarded as a racist? Why can't the U.S. put a limit on the number of people entering this country at the rate that U.S. citizens are allowed to emigrate abroad?

Of course individual cases should be examined if religious or political persecution is claimed, but only after it is verified. Other exceptions could be made if applicants prove they are bringing something that would enhance the U.S. - special talent or knowledge, for example. Even then, these situations should be the exception, not the rule.

Joseph Vavra


Gilchrest's flip-flops

I am furious that Rep. Wayne Gilchrest has the nerve to send residents of Anne Arundel County a so-called "newsletter" that is nothing more than campaign literature paid for by the taxpayers. This is not your district, Wayne, and the new districts do not take effect for another year!

I find it interesting, to say the least, that he chose to send his "newsletter" 60 days before the primary. If he wants to send us campaign literature, he ought to send it at his campaign's expense, not ours. I do not want any part in financing Gilchrest's re-election campaign and I am insulted that he thinks Anne Arundel County Republicans are stupid enough not to know what he is up to.

Is this the same Wayne Gilchrest who pledged during his 1990 campaign not to have district-wide mailings, calling them "a waste of money"? Is this the same Wayne Gilchrest who in 1990 backed congressional term limits and is now "neutral" on this important issue? Is this the same Wayne Gilchrest who in 1990 pledged to give back his $25,000 congressional pay raise and is now pocketing that same raise?

Gilchrest has done so many flip-flops over the last year he ought to be exhausted. He should take a break. This is one Republican who will vote on March 3 to give him a well deserved retirement from Congress.

Michele Bunker

Glen Burnie

Rose-colored world

Regarding Nick Kaplanis' letter "Quit whining" (Forum, Jan. 7), just where has this gentleman been for the last 10 years? He, Ronald Reagan and now George Bush are busy telling us there is nothing to be concerned about. I hope he never runs into the people losing their jobs, also the people going bankrupt trying to keep up with their health insurance payments.

I'd like to see Mr. Kaplanis make the rounds and try to "brighten up" the people who have the bad "attitude" he refers to. He better come out of his rose-colored world and face reality.

J. White


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