Hold the sushi

January 17, 1992|By Wisconsin State Journal

PRESIDENT BUSH has hit upon a sure-fire way to show he's in touch with the common man: catching the flu.

Millions of Americans can sympathize with the commander-in-chief, who did what the Australians call a "technicolor yawn" at a state dinner in Tokyo.

We now know just how it feels to be the president.

We can imagine him, earlier in the day, noticing a scratchy throat and a bit of a headache.

You're not alone, Mr. President.

Go lie down.

Take a couple of aspirin, drink plenty of liquid, watch some reruns on Nickelodeon and snooze under a blanket on the couch.

You'll feel better in a couple of days, but then prepare yourself for a relapse.

And in the meantime, stay away from the sushi.

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