Oily Fair Lanes Ritchie Not Hampering Scorers


January 16, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

Bowling's new system of three units of oil sure isn't hurting scoresat Fair Lanes Ritchie. At least it's not bothering Doug Brock, Joe Hock Jr. or Jim Conner.

Brock was bowling in the Friday Post Officeleague when he threw games of 289, 277 and 254 for a 820 series. That series was just four pins short of the house record of 824.

The Pasadena resident is employed by Best Exterminators and carries a 196 average. The 820 is a career-high set, and his high game is 298.

"I didn't do anything different," Brock said. "I used a 16-pound Columbia Black Dot that I've had for years, but I didn't do a thing differently. Well, I did take off from work that day."

Hock sometimes gets a day off for work to bowl but that's to compete in a PBAregional tournament. Hock, a computer programmer for Grempler Realty, lives in Glen Burnie with his wife, Sharon.

He bowls in a lot more than one league. He competes in the Beltway Classic at Ritchie, the Men's Scratch Classic at Country Club Lanes and the Arundel Men's Handicap on Tuesday and the Men's Metro League, also on Tuesday, at Bowl America Glen Burnie.

"I try to bowl in as many different housesas I can," Hock said. "I think that you must get used to different conditions whenever you can."

It's paid off for the 26-year-old bowler. His high league average is 220, and he has thrown four 800 sets to go with the 809 that he threw Dec. 6 in the Beltway Classic. 300 games? He's thrown 11.

The night of the last 800-plus set, he had games of 278, 257 and 274.

"It was a new ball, a 16-pound Blue Hammer," Hock said. "Of course, it was fitted and drilled by Walt Cervenka. I won't use a ball that isn't drilled by Walt. But it was unusual in one respect, it was a Track ball, which I really like to use. In fact, my favorite ball is a Track Shark for the strike ball; for the spare shots I use the same old Blue Dot that I've used for years."

He bowls in the Eastern Major Traveling League every other Sunday.

Conner bowls in the Tuesday and Thursday night leagues at Fair LanesRitchie and carries a 187 with a 16-pound Track. The 48-year-old is a late starter with bowling, not bowling seriously until 12 years ago. His high series is 697, and in October he threw his first 300 game.

"I wasn't doing anything different, I just had a good night," he said. "I like bowling, it relaxes me and it's enjoyable."


Steve Scott is another bowler who likes to bowl in different houses. On Saturday, it's the Mix-up League at Bowl America Glen Burnie; on Wednesday, the Men's Handicap at Brunswick Columbia, and on Monday, the Scratch Classic at Country Club Lanes.

That's not just three different leagues in three different houses -- that's three different counties.

He has a 209 average with a high set of 812, and on Dec. 28, he threw his fourth 300 game at Fair Lanes Ritchie. He added games of188 and 201 for a 689 series. The Nationwide Paper employee lives inGlen Burnie with his wife, Linda.


Stan Spencer, owner of Stan's Professional Landscaping Co., lives in Glen Burnie and bowls in the Bowl American Glen Burnie Jolly Roger League on Saturday and the Fair Lanes Woodlawn Tuesday Mixed League.

His best average is 207, with a 771 series. He has four 300 games to his credit but on Dec. 28, in the Jolly Rodger League, he just missed another one.

He started the series with a 200 game, added a 226 and then started striking from the first box right through the 11th in the last game.

"I wasusing a new ball, a Purple Hammer that Wayne Stepp had just drilled for me, and I was doing great," Spencer said. "Then, on the very lastball, I just lost my concentration, I just blew it."


Chip Zielger is only 9 years old, and his game is duckpins. And he's learning quickly. The 95-average bowler lives in Glen Burnie with his mom and dad, Vida and Michael, his sister, Danielle, 5, and his brother, Michael, 12.

Chip is in the third grade at Glen Burnie Park Elementary and bowls in the Saturday morning youth league at Greenway Glen Burnie. He's not alone in the family when it comes to bowling. His mom bowls tenpins, where she averages 156. Danielle averages 60 in the Pee Wee duckpin division, and Michael has a 108 average in ducks.

OnJan. 4, Chip already had thrown three strikes before he stepped up for the seventh frame. He threw a strike. Eighth frame, another strike., Ninth frame, a spare. Tenth frame, another strike. Result: a 168 game.


The Greater Baltimore Bowling Association will play hostto the 40th annual Championship Tournament at Bowl America Glen Burnie on Feb. 22-23 and 29 and March 1 and 7-8. First place is a guaranteed $1,000.

Donald G. Vitek's Bowling column appears every Thursday in the Anne Arundel County Sun. Bowlers are urged to give Don a call with scores and tidbits at 247-0850.


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