Excise Tax Is Needed


January 15, 1992

From: W. F. Coyle


An open letter to the Howard County delegation:

Please supportthe proposed legislation for an excise tax (impact fee) that is badly needed in Howard County.

With uncontrolled growth and the world economic conditions forcing needs for additional revenues, its coverage should be expanded.

It would make the proposal more realistic to include schools, public safety, etc., not just roads. . . .

Additionally, please change or delete the portion of the proposal callingfor matching funds at a 2-1 ratio from the county. This is a tax increase for all of your constituents and all current Howard County property owners.

It seems strange to some, if we are trying to manage growth, and as mentioned above, why just roads and why a tax increaseat this time, are included in the proposal. People that I know do not support the tax increase or just roads.

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