Thomas runs 10 miles closer to trials


January 14, 1992|By Michael Reeb

The Baltimore Road Runners Club kicked off its championship series Sunday with its annual 10-mile run at Loch Raven watershed.

For most of the 131 finishers, the race was a chance to get in on the club's championship competition, in which a runner must complete at least six of eight races. But for women's winner Charlotte Thomas, it was just another stop on the way to the 1992 Olympic Marathon U.S. Women's Trials.

"Long runs, pace running and track workouts" is the way she described her training regimen for Jan. 26's Houston Marathon, which will serve as host to the women's trials. She completed the BRRC 10-mile championship in 58 minutes, 47 seconds -- more than three minutes ahead of second-place finisher Marge Rosasco.

"It's sort of a last hurrah for the trials," Thomas, 35, said about the 10-miler. "I don't have that much natural speed. I have to rely on endurance. I really prefer 10,000 [meters], but the marathon is the distance where I've enjoyed the most success."

Thomas qualified for the trials with a 2-hour, 44-minute, 8-second finish in the San Antonio Marathon on Nov. 10.

"I went to run 6:15s [mile pace] in San Antonio," Thomas said. "But there was this long, lonely stretch from 14 to 20 [miles] where there weren't that many spectators. I sort of went to sleep. I went by my coach at 20. He said, 'You're 20 seconds down.' He said, 'You're really going to have to work for it.' "

Her first-place finish was 8 seconds off her goal, but 52 seconds faster than the cutoff time for the trials. She ranks 77th among the 111 female qualifiers and is the only Maryland resident on the latest list of qualifiers released by The Athletics Congress.

Andy Passmore won the male division of the BRRC 10-Mile Championship with his 53:13 finish. Passmore says he is training for either the Shamrock Marathon or 8K.

"I haven't decided yet, but preferably it'll be the 8K," Passmore, who finished 1:07 ahead of Robert Yara, said.

"I stayed with him until about 6 [miles]," Yara said. I told him I was going to ease off. Last year, in this same race, I ran a little harder and felt tired all week."

Yara said he wanted to avoid that this year because he will be running in the Bermuda International Marathon Sunday.

` The top finishers:

Males: 1. Andy Passmore, 30, 53:13; 2. Robert Yara, 36, 54:20; 3. Neville Anderson, 30, 54:30; 4. William Desmond, 40, 55:30; 5. Scott Paris, 31, 56:54; 6. Doug Moyer, 32, 57:10; 7. John Roemer IV, 31, 57:30; 8. Murray Chesno, 20, 57:46; 9. Jeff Hinte, 36, 57:55; 10. Rick Bingham, 37, 58:50. Masters: 1. Desmond.

Females: 1. Charlotte Thomas, 35, 58:47; 2. Marge Rosasco, 43, 62:02; 3. Marianne Jensen, 29, 64:30; 4. Joy Glass, 37, 67:43; 5. Nancy Gugerty, 24, 68:28; 6. Barb Willig, 29, 68:40; 7. Edie Tress, 41, 70:00; 8. Jenny Caple, 26, 71:29; 9. Buffy Gavigan-Bondyra, 27, 73:28; 10. Carolyn Stoll, 31, 74:03. Masters: 1. Rosasco.


NOTES: A random drawing for a trip for 2 to Ireland will be made at the St. Patrick's Parade Shamrock Run 5K on March 15. . . . Sunday's top finishers:


At Bel Air

Males: 1. Jim Otte, 16:32; 2. Nathan Boyer, 18:26; 3. Dan Anderson, 19:30; 4. Steven Miknis, 19:33; 5. Carl Von Estorff, 19:34.

Females: 1. Angela Parrish, 21:25; 2. Kathy Worthington, 23:21; 3. Laura Smith, 24:18; 4. Debbie Felts, 24:47; 5. Marjy Rawle, 26:03.

Upcoming: Saturday, RASAC Hickory 7-miler, Hickory, 9 a.m., (410) 838-1931.

Saturday, Queen City Striders' Winter Desire 5-Mile Dash, True Grit 10-Miler, Big Run State Park, Garrett County, (301) 359-3770.

Sunday, WRRC Mighty Medford Freeway 5K, Westminster, noon, 857-5154.

Sunday, Icicle 10K, Wilmington, Del., 11 a.m., (302) 571-6900.

Sunday, Great Valley Marathon, Chambersburg, Pa., 10 a.m., (717) 263-5631.

Jan. 26, RASAC North Harford Loop 10K, North Harford High School, 9 a.m., (410) 836-1784.

Jan. 26, WRRC Bear Run Four-Miler, Westminster, noon, (410) 848-8332.

Feb. 1, Memorial 5-miler, Shippensburg, Pa., 10 a.m., (717) 264-3775.

Feb. 2, RASAC Friends 5-miler, Bel Air, 9 a.m., (410) 879-9812.

Feb. 8, Bare Hills Club Indoor Triathlon (10-minute row, 10-minute cycle, 1-mile run), Bare Hills Athletic Club, 7 p.m.-11 p.m., (410) 882-6103.

Feb. 9, RASAC Tuneup for Md-DC Club championship 10-miler, Aberdeen, 9 a.m.Feb. 9, Tri-Maryland No Frills Biathlon (2 run, 13 bike, 1 run), Hereford Middle School, 9 a.m., (410) 882-6103.

Feb. 9, WRRC Treat Shop Eight-Mile Shuttle Relay, Westminster, 2 p.m., (410) 848-4562.

Feb. 9, Hampton Coliseum Half-Marathon, 5K, Hampton, Va., 1 p.m.

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