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January 14, 1992

Support the businesses that support you

As co-owner of a business in the Perry Hall area I am proud to say that our business is up considerably over last year.

There is a very simple reason for this. We care about our customers and their problems. We take care of them, offer them reasonable prices, get them what they need within one or two days if it is an item we do not stock and give them a pleasant place to shop. Our customers can also depend on the fact that my partner and I are in the store at all times. We and our staff know what we are talking about when it comes to helping them with their hardware, paint or plumbing problems.

Above all, we put back into the Perry Hall Community a portion of what is given to us. We sponsor, contribute and support every community activity, group and newspaper that we possibly can. That type of support is what this country was built on.

Huge conglomerates sucking resources out of local communities and sending them over to Japan or wherever without putting anything back in are what is killing this country. It is time for us to wake up and move forward. Let us support businesses that support the neighborhoods where they are located.

Nick Kaplanis


O.C. dune paid off

As a Realtor and native of the Ocean City area, I was pleased to read your endorsement of the beach replenishment project, "Thank goodness for the dunes" (Jan. 6). And I agree that the dune must be rebuilt to protect Ocean City against future storms.

The project was a cooperative effort of federal, state and local governments. However, recognition should be given to Governor Schaefer for his leadership in moving the project along. The governor has always been a supporter of the beach. He appreciates what Ocean City has to offer as a vacation destination. Think where Ocean City would be today, after the storm, were it not for the project.

Kay Harrison

Ocean City

Your editorial was fitting. As a property owner in Ocean City, I was thankful the beach replenishment project had been completed in time to fend off the storms of October and November. In its weakened state, it did admirably during the nTC most recent storm. The bulkhead didn't give an inch. The famous Ocean City boardwalk survived untouched. Although the dune in many cases was leveled, the wave strength had dissipated by the time it reached the buildings. Actual property damage has been minimal.

The many people who worked hard to make beach replenishment a reality deserve our thanks. A major share of this gratitude must go to Governor Schaefer for his continued support not only of the project but also of Ocean City in general. He knows a good thing when he sees it.

Hale Harrison

Ocean City

Surly driver

I report an incident that happened on a Pimlico-bound bus taking passengers to the first race at noon on Jan. 4. The bus arrived at 11:05. As the weather was pretty miserable, we passengers lined up in an orderly fashion, eager to get on the bus. The woman driver kept us waiting for over 10 minutes. She was taking transfer tickets one by one and punching them, though none of us going to the track needed a transfer. Then she started reading a paper in an unconcerned fashion, ignoring our pleas to get in.

Finally she opened the door. Soon after, I heard her arguing with a middle-aged gentleman. Though both were arguing vociferously, they did not use foul language and the gentleman was positively not threatening the driver. Hence it came as a surprise when the driver started calling on the phone.

Immediately the driver's supervisor arrived and ordered the gentleman out without conducting any inquiry. Within five minutes an army of guards and policemen also arrived on the scene.

All the commotion was a tempest in a teapot. It was brought about by a driver who, for whatever reason, seemed to have a grievance against humanity. Her supervisor's action is equally inexplicable. Generally, the MTA staff is extremely polite, tactful and helpful. Obviously some sour apples exist in the organization, and they could cause a stomach upset.

Bail L. Rao


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