Schaefer to lobby for plywood plant

January 14, 1992

Gov. William Donald Schaefer will lead state officials tomorrow in lobbying Weyerhaeuser Co. to make a new fire-retardant plywood in Maryland.

The appeal by officials will coincide with the company's introduction of "Blazeguard," an alternative to roofing plywoods treated with fire-retardant chemicals. Blazeguard has a protective sheathing that acts as a fire retardant.

Weyerhaeuser, a wood manufacturer based in Tacoma, Wash., makes the product at a plant in Longview, Wash. But the company is searching for an East Coast manufacturing site. The operation would likely employ five to 10 people.

Fire-retardant chemicals have been blamed for causing roofing plywood to weaken and crack after a few years, meaning roofs have to be replaced.

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