Morris Rosenberg

January 13, 1992

Morris Rosenberg, a retired Baltimore lawyer, died Saturday at Keswick after a brief respiratory illness. He was 86.

Funeral services for Mr. Rosenberg will be held at noon tomorrow at the Levinson funeral establishment, 6010 Reisterstown Road.

Until his retirement in 1986, Mr. Rosenberg was a senior partner in the law firm of Tydings and Rosenberg. The firm was founded by Mr. Rosenberg, former Sen. Millard E. Tydings and his son, former Sen. Joseph Tydings, and Paul Walter in 1958. Over the years, the firm grew to more than 40 lawyers.

While Mr. Rosenberg had a general law practice, his specialty was construction contracts.

NB "Three generations of lawyers looked upon him as a teacher and

mentor," Mr. Walter said. "He not only taught them how to be good lawyers but imbued them with a spirit of honesty and integrity."

"He was the type of person who if you were ever in deep trouble, you wanted to sit down and talk to him. He had very good judgment," said Joseph Tydings.

Born in Baltimore, Mr. Rosenberg graduated from City College, Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Law School. He married Carol Frank in 1950 and lived most of his life in Mount Washington.

Nicknamed "Moose" because of his large barrel chest, Mr. Rosenberg was a handsome, white-haired man with a lifelong love of physical activity, his friends said. He worked out three times a week for 60 years, first at the downtown YMCA and lat

er at the Downtown Athletic Club. As a young man, he enjoyed horseback riding and flying small planes. He also was a regular Sunday golfer at the Suburban Club.

"He was a magnificent physical specimen," Mr. Tydings said.

During World War II, Mr. Rosenberg taught pilots. He then joined the Air Force's judge advocate's office and eventually achieved the rank of colonel.

He was a past president of the Western High School PTA and past president of the City County Democratic Club.

Mr. Rosenberg is survived by his wife; a daughter, Ann Rosenberg Kampel of Berkeley, Calif.; two stepdaughters, Susan Merrill of Annapolis and Kitty Boyan of Marriottsville; and three grandchildren.

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