Apple Plunges Into Gadgets For Household

January 13, 1992|By Rory J. O'Connor | Rory J. O'Connor,Knight-Ridder News Service

LAS VEGAS UNB — LAS VEGAS -- Asserting that computers are on an inevitable "collision course" with consumer electronics, Apple Computer Inc. Chairman John Sculley has outlined an aggressive plan to make his company a major force in creating a new generation of household gadgets blessed with computer brains.

Apple's plan one day could put the company's software at the heart of a wide variety of sophisticated devices, such as "intelligent" digital televisions and telephones, and a new class of products that Mr. Sculey calls "Personal Digital Assistants," such as hand-held personal communicators and electronic books.

By connecting these new devices to a variety of high-speed digital "networks" -- including wireless ones -- users will be able to easily obtain and manipulate information, exchange messages or view and edit video images and stereo sound.

"This will be a decade where people will fundamentally transform their lives -- the way they think, work, learn and communicate. And much of this transformation will be made possible through digital technologies," Mr. Sculley said last week in his keynote speech at the annual Consumer Electronics Show here.

To accomplish its goals, Applewill develop partnerships with several Japanese consumer electronics companies that have the expertise in designing and manufacturing consumer devices.

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