Misplaced angerThe author of a recent letter declared that...


January 12, 1992

Misplaced anger

The author of a recent letter declared that any "true Colt fan" doesn't follow the Indianapolis Colts, because to do so would put money in owner Bob Irsay's pocket. Although there is some truth to that statement, I feel this writer is misplacing his anger.

As a young boy and later as a young man, I went on yearly pilgrimages to Westminster and Goucher College to watch the Colts practice and get autographs. I attended many a game with my father in the sweltering heat and bitter cold to watch the Colts in the best and worst of times. Years ago, I, too, like many others, had my heart broken when the Colts were taken from us.

It is difficult for me to replace my loyalty to the team because of the actions of the owner. When I went to practices, exhibition and regular-season games, I did so to see the team, not the owner. So, sir, please do not tell me I'm not a "true Colt fan" just because of my loyalty to the blue and white, no matter where they play.

Brett Smith


Bring back the asterisks

When Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's home run record and when Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb's hit record, asterisks were placed before their names. That's how it should have remained. However, recently the asterisks were removed and Maris and Rose were given sole possession of the records. Maris played in eight more games, and Rose had many more times at bat -- that's how these records were broken.

Rightfully, the records belong to Ruth and Cobb, until it's done with comparisons as to games played and times at bat.

Joseph Thaddeus Kasprzak


Misleading picture

I wish to complain about the appalling photo coverage of the Skipjacks hockey game on the front page of the Dec. 26 sports sections. Because they are so rare, photographs of a Skipjacks game on the first page of the sports section are quite exciting for a hockey fan, especially the younger fans recently acquainted with this fine sport. But of all the great passes, shots and goals displayed in that game, you chose to depict hockey's unsavory aspect, fighting.

Most of my acquaintances, both fan and non-fan, agree that hockey will have a bigger following, if fighting is eliminated or more heavily penalized. With your photo coverage, you tend to support the notion that hockey is one fight after another, thus alienating potential hockey fans.

Allen Myers


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