It's Never Too Late To Win Triple Crown


January 12, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

Sharon Barry knows exactly where her Triple Crown pin came from.

To win a Triple Crown, a bowler must have the league's high game, high set and high average.

"I already had a high set of 244 in the Captain & Crew league at Normandy," she said. "And my 167 average was high for the league. I needed a high game for the Triple Crown."

No problem. Barry just waited until the last night of the league to throw a career-high singlegame of 244 to sew up the award.

Barry, a quality auditor at Sweetheart Cup, started out bowling duckpins and switched with a lot of success to tenpins. Her one pet peeve about bowling is simple.

"I see a lot of very good bowlers, good scratch bowlers, but I don't see them at the tournaments."

Bunky and Lisa Smith, a husband-and-wifeteam, are two Ellicott City duckpin bowlers who have bowled in tournaments.

The Smiths entered the Coors Light Chesapeake Handicap Mixed Doubles Tournament early last month. They threw a handicap total of 858.

Lisa Smith carries a 112 average, with a high game of 189 and a high series of 464. Bunky Smith has a 120 average with a high game of 208 and a high set of 499 -- just one pin short of a coveted 500 set. Bunky Smith recently joined the Amateur Duckpin Tour and bowled in his first tournament with the Chet Gaffney organization. He finished ninth.


The youth bowlers of Brunswick Columbia aren't allowed to win money, but there's nothing to stop them from winning tournaments.

The youth tournament that took place Dec. 28 was a handicap event -- singles and doubles -- for the Prep, Junior and Senior divisions of the youth league.

In the Prep age 9-11 division, Todd Beensohn threw a 725 boys series to win. Shirlyn Palmer took the girls event with a 675 set.

The Juniors and Seniors are made up of youngsters 12 and older.

Chris Dudek took the Juniors singles with a 767 set. Drisy Tillman shot a 679 to win the girls Junior event.

Doyle Irons had a 650 set for the win in the Boys Senior division. Nora Davis threw a 617 set to capture the girls event.

Kerty Sims andBrandon Fox won the Prep doubles division with a 1,316 set.

Bill Palmer and Phil Harrison teamed up to take the Junior doubles with a 1,328 series.

Mike Saffle and Chris Frank threw a 1,307 series to win the Senior division.


Both Brunswick Columbia and Normandyhave a great special for league bowlers. Just show your Bonus Club card, which is given to all league bowlers, and bowl for 99 cents a game, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Brunswick Normandy has a Christmas Club league starting this month.

It bowls Saturday nights at 6:30 p.m. and at the end of the 48 weeks, returns $240 to each bowler in time for Christmas shopping.

Don't forget, Columbia has midseason leagues starting at the end of this month.

For information, call Barbara Deming at 381-7750.

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