Hcc Works To Maintain 'Basic' Athletic Services

Ad Job Is Eliminatedin School Budget Cuts

January 12, 1992|By Tom Worgo | Tom Worgo,Contributing writer

Howard Community College officials held a series of meetings last week to discuss management of the school's athletic program following the departure of Athletic Director Tom Carbotti.

Carbotti's $40,900-a-year job was one of five eliminated last month to tighten the school's budget.

"We are trying to make sure the basic services are maintained," said acting vice president and Dean of Students Maureen Kelly.

"Butare we going to feel the loss of the position? Yes. Everybody is hoping this is the worst and that it's going to get better."

HCC indoor track and cross country coach Steve Musselman said he was relievedthat the school plans no significant cuts in athletics as a result.

"Maureen made it quite clear that she wants to maintain the programs," said Musselman. "It made us feel better with it coming from the administration."

Eliminating the athletic director position is thelatest in a series of money-savings steps by the college, which lastyear faced a $1.2 million cut in state aid.

To fill the void leftby Carbotti's departure, the student activities staff will help monitor athletics. In recent years, student activities had a limited rolein HCC athletics, only promoting games and sponsoring a cheerleadingsquad.

But now, Director of Student Activities Phil Chenier will supervise and evaluate the athletic staff, prepare and administer theannual budget, make personnel decisions, certify the eligibility of athletes and review title IX compliance, said Kelly, who oversees theathletic program.

Kelly will take the responsibility for dealing with organizations outside of the college that request use of the physical education facility.

HCC president Dr. Dwight Burrill said the realignment of duties will not have a major impact on the quality of the program.

"I don't anticipate it causing any serious problems," he said.

The college is not planning any further changes to theathletic program such as cuts in teams or quipment purchases, Burrill said.

"We haven't looked at any other changes at this point," Burrill said.

Said Musselman:

"If I didn't feel confident that some of the things would be maintained, then I would be folding my tentnow. The impression I am getting from the administration is that they don't want to lose anything.

"We will just have to wait and see what happens."

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