Holiday Spirit Alive

Letters to the editor

January 12, 1992

From: Dianna L. Hall


In this time of layoffs, budget cuts and tough economic conditions, I'm glad to see that the spirit of the holidays is still alive andwell and for the last few weeks was living in the South Carroll (High School) band room.

On Wednesday, Dec. 4, the band was approachedabout adopting a family in need. The students were told only that itwas a south Carroll family but that the name would not be given out in order to save any discomfort on the receiving family's part.

The concern on the faces of our kids when asked about the project was enough to let us know that we could depend on them to help. Little didwe know exactly how much we could depend on them.

On Friday, Dec.20, I was fortunate to be one of the people to deliver our goodies to our family. Our delivery consisted of many cases of canned goods, paper products, cleaning supplies and miscellaneous grocery items.

Our kids had seen to it that every member of the family had several personal Christmas gifts. There were family gifts, including blankets,towels and fruit. Every member of the family got a K mart gift certificate so they could get things they needed and a large gift certificate for Martin's was included so that they could pick up fresh food items.

There was enough food to keep our family going for a long time.

Along with the above items, we had a live Christmas tree, treestand and decorations for the tree. Tins of homemade cookies helped round out our delivery.

I would like to take this time to thank the members of the South Carroll Band. You went above and beyond what was expected and I'm proud to be associated with a group of young people as kind and generous as you.

Mrs. Pat Reisner and the parents booster group: As usual, you were there with help and support.

Thank you to Norman and Barbara Zepp for our tree and to Mr. Green of Green's Ace Home Center in Winfield for our tree stand.

A special thank you to all of you who helped make this a most successful endeavor.

In closing, I would again like to thank everyone involved in thisproject. You have renewed my faith in my fellow man and have given me a Christmas gift that will stay with me forever.

I wish you all a 1992 filled with love, hope and happiness.

NOTE: Dianna Hall wasSCHS band project coordinator.


From: Barbara Deibel


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and The Carroll County Sun for contributing to the Carroll CountyScholarship Program.

Your most generous contributions have made it possible for my son, Justin Deibel, to attend Western Maryland College this year.

It is my hope that my child and other scholarship recipients will profit from your commitment to higher education. It isalso my hope that other business leaders will follow your example and invest in our future, our children.

Thank you and The Carroll County Sun so much.

I am proud to be part of a community where business gives back to those who support them.

Again, you have my thanks and gratitude.


From: Thelma C. Reaver


Friends of Carroll Lutheran Village


I want to thank you for helping make our "Cookies 'n' Greens" bazaar a success.

Many handmade crafts, lots of cookies and other baked items, jewelry and "Trash and Treasure" bargains were donated by church members, residents and friends. Community volunteers provided on-the-spot decorating or wreaths, swags and centerpieces.

Volunteer efforts also provided our lunch of soup and sandwiches.

Thanks again foryour support to CLV. Proceeds from all Friends of the Village projects benefit programs and services to Independent Living and Health Care Center residents of CLV.

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