It's A Sign On The Times: Paradise Lost On A Lonely Road

Mystery Thefts Taking Their Toll On Intersection At Park Avenue

January 12, 1992|By Daniel P. Clemens Jr. | Daniel P. Clemens Jr.,Staff writer

MOUNT AIRY — The quiet, small-town charm of this South Carroll town creates a paradise of sorts for many who live here.

But in Mount Airy, paradisehas been disappearing with alarming frequency these days.

Three times during December, someone swiped the "Paradise Rd." sign from the post at the intersection with Park Avenue, the Town Council announced at its regular monthly meeting Monday evening.

"Maybethey (the perpetrators) want to live in paradise," Council PresidentR. Delaine Hobbs conjectured, with a shrug of his shoulders.

Other council members speculated that the signs vanished during the holiday season because of their appeal as unique and interesting Christmasgifts.

That's not a far-fetched notion, considering the current tough economic times, all agreed. "It probably would've happened more,but it takes us a while to put them back up," said Councilman MarcumNance.

The Paradise Road signs -- which cost about $20 each to replace -- weren't the only ones purloined. A sign for Grimes Court also was pilfered recently.

But Nance said he only can conclude that the motive in that heist was different.

"I'm not sure 'Grimes' hasas much meaning as 'Paradise,' " he said. "But it was stolen anyway."

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