Murder suspect foiled in attempted escape from court lockup

January 12, 1992

Court officers foiled an accused murderer's attempt to escape from a district court lockup in Baltimore Friday evening, police said.

Marco Danard Silver, 22, of Baltimore, who is accused of two counts of murder, tried to escape from the district court on Wabash Avenue by switching places with a man accused of a lesser crime, according to the state Division of Pretrial Detention Services.

Mr. Silver was at the courthouse lockup with Brian Hailey, 19, also of Baltimore, after a bail review Friday. Mr. Silver was being held without bail; Mr. Hailey was to be released on his own recognizance.

Police said Mr. Silver apparently convinced Mr. Hailey to switch identification wristbands after the men appeared in court.

But Mr. Silver tripped up while posing as Mr. Hailey when he failed to answer several questions posed to him by court officers.

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