Implements sought for baking in hearth


January 12, 1992|By Anita Gold | Anita Gold,Chicago Tribune

Q: We collect early fireplace cooking implements and would like to know where we can find a certain type of wrought-iron toaster designed to bake flat breads on the hearth. Also, can you tell us how such breads were made?

A: Horseshoe-shaped wrought-iron toasters were made to stand the hearth like easels. They were used in Scotland as early as the 17th century for baking bannocks, or Irish flat bread; the dough was placed on a narrow ledge at the bottom of the piece and positioned before the fire. Beautiful Scottish bannock bakers are available at Pat Guthman Antiques Inc., 281 Pequot Ave., Southport, Conn. 06490; (203) 259-5743. Recipes for baking bannocks, Irish bread and fire cakes on wrought-iron implements or smooth wooden boards can be found in "300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles," by Linda Campbell Franklin, available for $25.50 postpaid from the author at 2716 Northfield Road, Charlottesville, Va. 22901. Information on fireplace cooking and cooking implements also can be found in a three-year set of Kitchen Collectibles News (1984, 1985 and 1986), available from Ms. Franklin for $25 postpaid.

Q: I have many old Avon bottles and products and would like to know how I can find out if they have any value and where I can sell them.

A: Send for a copy of "Bud Hastin's 1991-'92 Avon Collectibles Price Guide," available for $17.70 postpaid from Bud Hastin, Box 9868, Kansas City, Mo. 64134. Also available from Mr. Hastin for $17 a year is a subscription to the monthly Avon Times, or send $2 for a single copy.

Q: I collect old glass baby bottles with pull-on rubber nipples, and have about 30 examples. How can I find out more about them?

A: Write to the American Collectors of Infant Feeders (which was founded in 1973 and publishes the Keeping Abreast newsletter for collectors of baby bottles, nursers and infant and invalid feeders plus related items), in care of Jo Ann Todd,

5161 W. 59th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 46254; (317) 291-5850.

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