From The Sun Jan. 12-18, 1842JAN. 13: Annapolis -- By our...


January 12, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 12-18, 1842

JAN. 13: Annapolis -- By our correspondent's letter, it will be seen that the convention of slave holders have met, and proceeded to business.

JAN. 18: This is the anniversary of the birth-day of the emphatically great Franklin; therefore let it be honored -- and why should it not? -- by all American freemen, but by printers in particular.

From The Sun Jan. 12-18, 1892

JAN. 15: The indications are that the observance of Gen. Robert E. Lee's birthday, January 19, will be more general throughout the South than ever before.

From The Sun Jan. 12-18, 1942

JAN. 12: A collection of documents relating to the early days of Maryland which has been on exhibition at the Enoch Pratt Free Library for several years and belongs to Dr. Hugh Hampton Young, has been placed in the library's large steel vault for safe keeping in the event of air raids.

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