It's ta-ta time, crablings


January 12, 1992|By LAURA CHARLES

MOVING ON: I've never been good about goodbyes, but here goes. I'm leaving The Sun, so this is the last opportunity I have to tell you what a swell time I've had!

A lot has happened to me in the 10 years or so since I began writing this column. I sprouted a few gray hairs -- I turned 42 yesterday -- added a little extra padding around the hips, had two marriages go kaput, studied French and learned to cook Chinese. I don't know what the future holds and, frankly, it's a little scary -- but a good kind of scary.

The Sun has made it possible for me to take some time off and ponder my next career move, and I'm open to any suggestions you care to toss my way. For now, I'm heading to Costa Rica to bask in the sun and contemplate this next chapter of my life. Maybe I'll even take up fishing or start a book. I've met a lot of wonderful people since I started writing this column and have eaten more rubber-chicken dinners then I'd care to remember -- and it's been fun.

But it's time to move on and try something else. A big thanks to all my faithful readers and contributors. From now on, you'll be reading about me in someone else's column. (Oh my.) Ta-ta, crablings! It's been real.

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