Once jilted, Bucs owner turns down Parcells

January 09, 1992|By George Willis | George Willis,Newsday

At one time Bill Parcells didn't want the Buccaneers. Now the Buccaneers don't want Parcells.

Tampa Bay owner Hugh Culverhouse apparently got even with the former New York Giants coach for rejecting a five-year contract Dec. 28 by deciding yesterday not to reconsider Parcells for the position.

Culverhouse, Parcells and their respective lawyers met for 2 1/2 hours near Washington yesterday with most of the discussion centering on why Parcells rejected the Buccaneers' initial $6.5 million deal to become the team's head coach and director of football operations. One week after Parcells turned down the Bucs' offer, he asked if they would reopen negotiations.

Apparently, Parcells' reasons for his about-face didn't earn Culverhouse's forgiveness. Bucs vice president Stephen Story, who was at the meeting yesterday, said the Bucs owner "just couldn't reach that comfort level to get over the rejection period and the reasons for it."

Story said Parcells, who could not be reached for comment, left the meeting disappointed. "He had looked forward to the possibility of being coach," Story said. "He had his opportunity and it just did not happen at this time."

Culverhouse apparently wasn't convinced Parcells truly was committed to being the Buccaneers coach. There was no discussion of any modification of the monetary terms or other conditions of the original contract, which included 38 points the Bucs and Parcells agreed on in December.

All this means Parcells -- who Sunday removed himself from consideration for the head coaching job in Green Bay -- may be stuck in the broadcast booth where he is fulfilling the first year of a three-year contract with NBC. The network reportedly has promised him a job as one of its top analysts, but sources say those reports are premature.

It appears former Cincinnati Bengals coach Sam Wyche is the leading candidate to fill the Buccaneers' job. Former Philadelphia Eagles coach Buddy Ryan and San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Holmgren already interviewed for the job.

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