Name calling

January 09, 1992|By Vito Stellino

HERNDON, VA B — HERNDON, Va. -- Don't expect Erik Kramer to go out to dinner with Tony Casillas any time soon.

Kramer, the Detroit Lions' quarterback, is annoyed at Casillas, who's now with the Dallas Cowboys, for calling him a "scab" last week because he played on the Atlanta replacement team in 1987 when Casillas was walking the picket line.

Kramer said he thought Casillas was a friend of his after the strike.

"Casillas had me over to dinner to watch the Super Bowl that year. I guess he really does have rocks for brains," he said.

Kramer added: "We were friends and then all of a sudden we're playing them and I'm not. There was another scab linebacker who was one of his better friends [Bill Costello] on the team."

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