Jail officers quell disturbance

January 09, 1992

Correctional officers at the Baltimore City Detention Center quickly put down what was described as a small disturbance yesterday evening after a power failure, state correctional officials said.

The failure, which happened about 5 p.m., cut off power to the annex building of the Detention Center, a dormitory building that houses about 400 inmates. After several inmates broke windows and set fire to trash cans, officers decided to move the inmates into the main jail, Commissioner LaMont Flanagan said.

During the transfer, some of the inmates refused to move, and officers in tactical gear forcibly moved them. There were no injuries to inmates or staff.

Power was restored at 8 p.m., and inmates were then transferred back to the annex, Mr. Flanagan said. The Detention Center was in a lockdown last night.

Five inmates identified as leaders of the disturbance were put into a segregation unit. They will remain there until they go before a correctional hearing officer, who could sentence them to additional time in segregation, Commissioner LaMont said.

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