Movie sparks interest in Kennedy videos

January 09, 1992|By Max McQueen | Max McQueen,Cox News Service

Like or it not, director Oliver Stone's "JFK" has John F. Kennedy's assassination on the tip of everyone's tongue. And the top of their thoughts, too.

But if you think a conspiracy-fueled hysteria caused Stone to slap the Warren Commission in the face, you should see some of the so-called documentaries on JFK's death.

As always happens when some person or event is thrown into the public spotlight, any video on the subject is in high demand. A slew of them exist on every angle of Kennedy as a man, as a president and as the victim of sundry assassination plots.

Of the many tapes, the most aptly titled is "Who Didn't Kill . . . JFK?"

Those who have seen "JFK" will find this 50-minute video of interest as Kennedy assassination-expert Jack White goes into great detail about the alleged photo forgeries of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Like "JFK" the movie, "Who Didn't Kill . . . JFK" (Unrated, 1990. 3-G Home Video, $14.95) raises many questions and answers none, but it's still chewy food for thought.

Listed below are just a few of the videos dealing with Kennedy's life and death:

"Four Days in November," Unrated. MGM, $29.95.

"JFK: The Day the Nation Cried," Unrated, 1989. View Video, $19.95.

"John F. Kennedy -- The Commemorative Album," Unrated, 1988.

"The Killing of President Kennedy: New Revelations 20 Years Later," Unrated, 1983. Vid America, $29.95.

"The Plot to Kill JFK: The Rush to Judgment," Unrated. Vid America, $14.98.

"The Secret Files of J. Edgar Hoover," Unrated, 1989. 3-G Video, $9.95.

"The Two Kennedys," Unrated. MPI, $59.95.

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