Keeping Leather As Good As New

January 09, 1992|By Los Angeles Daily News

The nearly indestructible leather jacket -- whether for the motorcycle, the nightclub or just the outdoors -- has been a top pick for holiday gifts. But now that you have one, you should know that some care is required to keep it in good condition.

Following are some maintenance suggestions from the Leather Apparel Association in New York City:

* Avoid applying hair spray or perfumes while wearing a leather garment. Also, do not apply pins, adhesive name badges or tape to leather.

* Water and stain repellents should be applied immediately after purchase for the best results.

* Hems may be fixed with a small amount of rubber cement.

* Wrinkles will hang out, but a dry iron, used on the lowest setting, can remove wrinkles. Cover the garment with heavy paper before ironing.

* Matching garments should be cleaned at the same time because a slight variation in color or texture may result from the cleaning process.

* If leather gets wet, air dry it naturally. Avoid heat and humidity.

* Consult a professional leather cleaner for larger repairs, cleaning or stain removal.

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