Fashion designers set goals for the year


January 09, 1992|By T. J. Howard | T. J. Howard,Chicago Tribune

The resolutions that top-name designers have made offer clues to what lies ahead for them this year -- and for those of us who are fans of their clothes:

Christian Francis Roth: "I want to surprise people with my next few collections. I've been using a lot of color the past three years, but now I'm crazy about black. Black with gold. Black with silver. Black with pink. It's like shadow -- it adds shape and dimension."

Adrienne Vittadini: "I want to be more active in social and environmental issues" like the homeless, rain forest and AIDS, says Ms. Vittadini. "I also want to delegate more and lose weight."

Betsey Johnson: "Professionally, I want to learn to be strongeand stand up to my critics. With the bad economy, there's the temptation to leave clothes plain, but I want to hold on to the little idiosyncrasies that make my clothes special. I don't want to become a Betsey Gap."

Richard Dayhoff: "Seeing 'Beauty and the Beast' recently has challenged me to try to see more of the internal beauty in people. In the fashion industry, there's a tendency to focus on glitz and glamour, external beauty."

Mark Heister: "I want to take more time off for myself and enjoy life. My wife and I just bought a little log cabin in Michigan and are trying to spend about four days a week there. When the weather gets warmer, I plan to garden. But during the winter, we're just going to build fires and cook."

Todd Oldham: "I would like to try to be as kind as humanly possible and work with more charity causes. I would also like to exercise more and eat less. I crave chocolate, so brownies will proably be first thing I try to give up."

Donna Karan: "I want to have a more positive attitude about everything. I also want to open my own free-standing stores this year."

Bill Blass: "I want to tempt the customer back into the store, give her irresistible clothing and get retail business moving again. I also want to lose 40 pounds. (Mr. Blass is less confident about achieving the latter goal: "I made the same resolution last year and the year before.")

Nicole Miller: "I stopped making New Year's resolutions four years ago. I've made diet resolutions, ones to be more disciplined and organized, and I never stuck to any of them. Sometimes I think it's more important to learn to go with the flow."


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