Paper Glips, From High Office To Dark Gyms

ROUTE 2 - A weekly journey through Anne Arundel County

January 08, 1992|By Paul Shread Kathy Frazier

Sigmund Freud would have had a field day with this one.

A letter bearing County Executive Robert R. Neall's signature was sent to County Council members last month, informing them that a meeting to discuss illegal signs would be held in the county's "Cheapskate Room."

The letter should have read, "Chesapeake Room," which is a conference room in the county's Riva Road complex.

For a man whose name has become synonymous with a state law allowing local governments to cut school spending and union contracts, the letter was, uh, interesting.

"It is very ironic and humorous in light of recent events," said Neall spokeswoman Louise Hayman, "but it was a mistake."

Sure thing, Louise. Next, council members will get a letter inviting them to the county's Severn Room. Only the letter will say, "Severance Room."

Hayman said she made the mistake while drafting the letter forNeall. Chesapeake doesn't appear on her spell-check program, so she had to change the word to something the program recognized.

"Be sure to point out that it was my mistake," Hayman said.


If you use one of those "official" Anne Arundel Community College sports wall calendars to decide when to attend a Pioneers game, beware.

The basketball teams' schedules are woefully out of date.

Anybody who shows up for home games listed in early January will encounter a locked gym.

In an apparent cost-saving measure, administrators at community colleges throughout the state asked coaches to adjust their basketball schedules to avoid playing many games during theschools' semester break.

I guess the theory is that if the colleges scheduled a basketball game when schools are closed, the heat has to be turned up for a couple of hours in the gym, somebody has to monitor the crowd, clean up afterward and so on.

So don't even think about heading for Anne Arundel Community College's gym until Jan. 18,when the Pioneer men get to play their first home game since late December.

Get out a pencil (not a pen) and mark your "official" calendar with this updated information:

* AACC women -- The Jan. 2 home game against Frederick moves to Feb. 9; the Jan. 5 game at Garrett moves to Feb. 7; and the Jan. 6 game at Catonsville is now Jan. 16.

* AACC men -- They play at Penn York today instead of at home against Cecil; the Jan. 6 home game against Essex is now Jan. 16 at Essex;add a Feb. 10 home game against Penn York; the Jan. 8 home game against Cecil has switched to Feb. 12; cancel the Feb. 13 home game against Chesapeake; and the Feb. 17 Essex game becomes a home game.

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