For Minorities

January 08, 1992

The following are some of the scholarships available specifically to members of various racial and ethnic minorities. Check the scholarship listings for Maryland colleges and universities for additional programs directed at minorities. College financial aid offices have information on grants and other programs designed to aid minorities.

Scholarships for American Indians and native Alaskans are sponsored by the Association on American Indian Affairs, 245 Fifth Ave., Suite 1801, New York, N.Y. 10016; (212) 689-8720.

AAIA/Adolph VanPelt Special Fund for Indians Scholarships. For graduate and undergraduate students. Deadline June 1. Must be U.S. citizen and an enrolled member of an American Indian tribe or the Alaska Native Corp.

Additional awards ranging from $50 to $300 are also available. Applications for Sequoyah Graduate Fellowships accepted July 1 through Sept. 13. For information contact Harriett Skye, scholarship coordinator.

Architecture Scholarships for minority and disadvantaged students are sponsored by the American Institute of Architects, American Architectural Foundation, 1735 New York Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006; (202) 626-7500.

Eligible ethnic minority groups: American Indian, black, Hispanic, and others from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Purpose of program: to provide undergraduate scholarship opportunities to U.S. residents from minority and/or disadvantaged backgrounds who would not otherwise have the opportunity to be enrolled in professional architecture studies.

Other requirements: Students are eligible to apply who have bTC completed high school, are in junior college or technical school transferring to a professional program in architecture; are presently in their first year of professional studies in architecture who have no more than one year of prior college-level education in another field; are in their first year of college-level study transferring to a professional program in architecture. Candidates must be nominated by one of the following: An individual architect or firm, an AIA component, a community design center, a guidance counselor, teacher, the dean or administrative head of an accredited school of architecture, or the director of a community or civic organization.

Two-step application process, with nomination deadline in December and application deadline in January.

Number of awards: About 20 annually.

Geology Scholarships for Minorities are sponsored by the American Geological Institute, 4220 King St., Alexandria, Va. 22302-1507; (703) 379-2480.

For undergraduate and graduate study in geology, geophysics, geochemistry, hydrology, physical oceanography, meteorology, planetary geology and earth science education.

Eligible ethnic minority groups: black Americans, Hispanic Americans, native American (Amer. Indian, Eskimo, Samoan, Hawaiian).

Other requirements: U.S. citizenship, financial need criteria, academic excellence. Must be enrolled in an accredited institution as an undergraduate or graduate geoscience major.

Number of awards: About 80.

Duration of awards: 1 year, renewable.

Application deadline: Feb. 1.

Stipends range up to $10,000.

The Indian Health Scholarship Program, Indian Health Service, 12300 Twin Brook Parkway, Suite 100, Rockville, Md., 20852. (301) 443-6197. Awards three types of scholarships which provide financial support for American Indian students taking preparatory courses for health professions schools, pre-dentistry or pre-med programs or other educational programs in a variety of health- related fields. American Indians and Alaskan natives who are U.S. citizens are eligible.

Priority is given to students in their junior or senior years of college. There are about 100 renewable awards. Application deadline is mid-May. Award includes monthly stipend, tuition and fees.

Physics Scholarships for minorities are sponsored by the American Physical Society, 335 E. 45th St., New York, N.Y. 10017-3483; (212) 682-7341. Eligible ethnic minority groups are black, Hispanic and American Indian. Must be U.S. citizen and a high school senior, college freshman or sophomore who is majoring in physics or plans to do so. Number of awards varies. Amount of award $2,000 for one year. One-time only renewal is based on academic performance and approval of APS Selection Committee, school and corporate sponsor. Deadline is Feb. 25.

The Baltimore Sun sponsors the Baltimore Sun Scholarship for Minority Journalists. College sophomores attending institutions in Delaware, Maryland, Washington, and Virginia are eligible to apply. Must be either studying journalism or demonstrate a commitment to newspaper journalism. Two-year award during the junior and senior years. Award worth approximately $8,500 per year. Preference to graduates of Maryland secondary schools. Deadline mid-February.

Contact: The Baltimore Sun, Personnel Administrator, 501 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21278, (410) 332-6268.

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