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January 07, 1992|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

ROBBERY: Southwestern District -- Nathaniel Faison, of the 2000 block of N. Dukeland St., reported he was in the 1900 block of N. Longwood St. Saturday night when he was accosted by a man armed with an unknown caliber handgun who demanded his money. Police said Faison gave up more than $100 to the gunman, who escaped on foot.

ROBBERY: Southwestern District -- Gregory Johnson, of the 900 block of N. Franklintown Road, reported he was robbed of more than $100 early Sunday morning by a man armed with an unknown caliber handgun who accosted him as he walked in the first block of S. Franklintown Road.

BURGLARY: Southwestern District -- Employees of the Cut Form Service Co. in the 1100 block of S. DeSoto Road reported that someone broke into the building over the weekend and stole a large quantity of coins. Police said the value of the coins was not immediately known and that entry was gained through a window.

ROBBERY: Southwestern District -- Police reported that a woman walking in the 500 block of Swann Ave. Sunday afternoon was robbed of her purse containing cash and property by a man who approached her from the rear. The victim, Carol Christiansen, Baltimore County, told police the contents of the purse were valued at $60.

ROBBERY: Southwestern District -- Police reported that a teen-age resident of the 700 block of Yale Ave. was in the 4300 block of Eldone Ave. Sunday when he was accosted by an older youth who robbed him of the football he was carrying after striking him with his fist. Police said the victim was not injured.

ROBBERY: Central District -- Police said two women walking in the 1900 block of N. Charles St. around 9 p.m. yesterday were stopped by an unarmed man who demanded their money. Police said the victims, Cynthia Claybourne, of the 3600 block of Edmondson Ave., and her companion, Evon Williams, of the 4200 block of Frederick Ave., gave up nearly $30 to the man before he fled on foot.

THEFT: Central District -- Marcy Frank, of the Stevenson Park section of western Baltimore County, reported that while his car was parked in the first block of E. Centre St. around 9 p.m. yesterday someone broke into the vehicle and stole a jacket and a shirt. Police said the value of the clothing was not known.

ROBBERY: Eastern District -- Daniel Soto, a deliveryman for Domino's pizza, reported he was delivering an order in the 300 block of E. North Ave. when he was assaulted by a man who struck him in the mouth and robbed him of two pizzas. Police said Soto sustained a minor injury to his mouth. Police said the food was valued at less than $15.

ASSAULT: Eastern District -- Arthur Lee Harris, 35, of the 1900 block of N. Patterson Park Ave., reported that during an incident at his home Sunday morning he was assaulted by a woman he knows who struck him in the face with a bottle. Police said the woman fled and that Harris was taken to a hospital for treatment of a 6-inch long laceration to his face. Police said the laceration required several stitches to close and that Harris was released.

ASSAULT: Eastern District -- Police said two residents of the 800 block of Webb Court were near their homes Sunday morning when they were threatened by several males, one of whom had a gun. Police said when William Byrd and Lamont Robinson turned to flee, the man with the gun fired at least one shot. Police said neither Byrd or Robinson was injured and that the gang fled the scene. Police said they had no motive for the incident.

THEFT: Eastern District -- Police said someone entered the rear yard of a dwelling in the 1500 block of Holbrook St. and stole more than $200 worth of clothing off a clothesline. Police said the thief stole five pairs of blue jeans and two shirts.

THEFT: Eastern District -- An employee of Organic Waste Technology in the 900 block of N. Macon St. told police that someone broke into one of their vehicles while it was parked near their company and stole several pieces of clothing from the rear of the vehicle. Police said the clothing was valued at more than $400.

THEFT: Eastern District -- Michael Tighe, an employee of BISM Inc. in the 2900 block of Strickland St., reported that someone broke into his company-owned truck while it was parked in the 900 block of Greenmount Ave. yesterday and stole a bank bag containing cash. Police said the bag and the undisclosed sum was behind a seat in the vehicle when someone entered it by breaking a side window.

ROBBERY: Eastern District -- Naomi Pendleton, a resident of the Latrobe Homes in the 800 block of Harford Court, reported she was walking near her home yesterday morning when she was approached from the rear by a man who stole the purse she was carrying in a dress pocket. Police said the man escaped with more than $100.

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