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January 06, 1992

Social disease

One of the leading crippling diseases in this country is prejudice. It is worse than cancer, heart disease and AIDS. All physiological diseases can eventually be cured. However, the human heart and soul are much more difficult to heal when they are eaten up in hate. Hate destroys. With love, crime, poverty and racial prejudice can be conquered.

Hating people because of their race, religion, nationality or political beliefs is self-defeating. The human spirit is a remarkable thing. Love and understanding energize this spirit.

Peggy Cook


Avalon's impact

The proposed Avalon development on the Alto Dale property on Reisterstown Road will severely impact the area. Avalon developers propose cutting down old growth trees. The displacement of wildlife such as fox, deer, birds, etc. will drastically change the bucolic character of Greenspring Valley.

How will this development affect the schools and other county services? The county review group must address all issues concerning Avalon's impact on the community. If proper answers are not forthcoming, development should halt.

Robert G. Bloomberg

Owings Mills

Truck alternative

It is irresponsible for the state legislature to increase the state gasoline tax if it does not at the same time roll back the loads trucks are allowed to carry in Maryland and eliminate tandem trucks.

A tandem truck passed me on I-95 last week traveling at nearly 70 mph. There is no way any driver could handle an emergency at this speed because there are too many cars on the road to achieve safe spacing.

As for truck weights, there is very little checking of limits in Maryland. My observations have been that the inspection stations are closed most of the time. It is pretty clear from the damage to highways and bridges all over the U.S. that it is not cars that are bankrupting the highway maintenance funds.

We should be putting money into the railroad system as the long-range solution to America's financial survival. It is a crime to be cutting down on education funds at the same time we are driving up highway maintenance funds because the governor and the legislators cannot support the majority of the citizens over the trucking lobby.

James M. Holway

Ellicott City


You may be able to prevent your New Year's resolutions from going in one year and out the other: Just be sure to have them notarized.

Joseph Lerner


Last days of an independent evening paper

Charles H. Grasty developed The Evening Sun on April 18 1910, with the intention of creating a "home paper" which sought to be "interesting to the family circle, and to gain the confidence of the public . . ." The evening edition struggled to gain readership and advertising for its first 10 years. The foundation for success was laid in the early 1920s when The Evening Su "divorced" itself from its morning counterpart.

Now, after more than 70 years of independent success, The Evening Sun has resumed its marriage to the morning edition. The decision to combine staffs and eliminate duplicate efforts may save money in the short run, but something is lost in the process. News quality, reader service and, ultimately, confidence in the paper's ability to bring the most up-to-date news to its readers are sacrificed.

The movement toward a single staff shows a failure to acknowledge The Evening Sun's historical basis for success aan independent newspaper. The result will be an afternoon "copy" of the morning edition. Let's return to an independent home newspaper!

Herbert Burgunder III


The sad news came on Christmas Eve, delivered by my Evening Sun distributor in Montgomery County: Starting New Year's Day, The Evening Sun would no longer be delivered anin my area. I will miss it greatly, especially the sports section and writers like John Steadman and Jim Henneman, whom I've read, enjoyed and respected most of my adult life.

I'll also miss Ken Rosenthal's baseball insights and Phil Jackman's biting humor. I'll really miss having an evening paper when I get home. The shame of it is that it's probably the beginning of the end for The Evening Sun ` a great newspape that I once delivered myself as a kid after school.

Leonard Artz


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