More wrestlingI enjoy reading your paper and in particular...


January 05, 1992

More wrestling

I enjoy reading your paper and in particular the sports section. I do have one complaint, however. I wish you would expand your wrestling coverage, and, in particular, your coverage of high school wrestling, as it pales in comparison to your coverage of high school basketball.

James F. Truitt Jr.


Nothing more than feelings

Great Orioles moves! Storm and Glenn, bonded brothers, united on the same team. Johnny and Rick, close friends and former battery mates, back together on the same team. And along with the foursome we get warm "fuzzy" feelings. I looked up Fuzzy's record. He's never had a hit or won a game.

Quentin D. Davis


Redskins have lots of support

First things first. Thank you, Baltimore Sun, for all your Redskins coverage and to the sports department for airing all points of interest and non-interest in the Redskins. Second, thank you, Chris Kennedy of Fells Point, I couldn't have said it any better. Third, enough already. The Redskins have had sellout games with the Colts (who?) and without. They will still have continued support whether there is a team within a Rypien's throw or not. So get a life, pick a team and stick with it. Whether it is the Redskins or not, the Redskins are still a good team with or without your support.

D. Miller


Redskins on TV nothing new

Every week, you can read in the papers how people are tired of watching the Redskins on TV. They call themselves Colts fans. I've been a Redskins fan for over 20 years, since they lost in the Super Bowl to Miami, 14-7.

I've never had any problem being a Redskins fan and a Colts fan. You can count on one hand how many times they met in the regular season over that period of 20 years. The Colts were always on one channel and the Redskins on the other, because they play in two different conferences.

Two TVs in the room always took care of the problem. When the Colts were going good or bad, the Redskins were still there, always on the other channel. Now that the Colts aren't around anymore and the Redskins are going good, you think you're being choked by them. Yet they were always on. Even during 1976-81, when they weren't having the best years, you could still flip the channel, and there they were.

So don't blame the Redskins (or the traitors, as you call them). Blame the Irsays for stealing your team. Your choices are to either turn your TV off, move to Indianapolis or wait until 1995, when the Baltimore Crabs take the field in their new stadium. So don't blame the Redskins, because they were always on the other channel.

Stan Hasty


Give us better games

Ever since the Colts left Baltimore in 1984, we, the citizens of Baltimore, are forced to watch the Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoons. Recently, the 1 p.m. game on CBS was the Green Bay Packers at the Atlanta Falcons. The game was very close and high-scoring. Before the game ended, CBS switched to the Redskins-Los Angeles Rams game. I was so angry I turned on another channel.

Because we live 45 minutes away from Washington, we are subjected to watching the Redskins every week. If CBS were smart, it would put on the best game of the day and more Baltimore fans would watch CBS.

Eric J. Deacon


Fire Lasorda

Of all the managers, both in the American and National leagues, the first and foremost that should have been fired was "foul-mouth" Lasorda.

The Dodgers had the most powerful hitters and the strongest pitching staff in either league. They should have walked away with everything, including the World Series.

But, due to the mismanaging of Lasorda, they became just an also-ran.

Rod Mills


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