End All Pornography

Survey Responses

January 05, 1992

From: William S. Love

Havre de Grace

I am in favor of the bill to restrict and end, if possible, all pornography.

For those who seek out pornography are frustrated to start with, and the viewing only heightens their frustration and incites violent behavior.


From: Mr. and Mrs. M. Panzer


The moral decay of our society has become outrageous. To think of how subtlely sex and perversion has become the "norm" and how anyone who feels differently is thought of as outdated or old-fashioned is ridiculous.

AIDS, teen pregnancy, abortion and child molestation have taken control of our country, yet the only thing most Americans think of is, "How can I make a buck?" That's just whatthis whole issue is about. Money. Not just morality. But all the money in the world isn't going to change the fact that AIDS is running rampant, women and children are being exploited, and the statistics for teen pregnancy and abortion are going up as a result of such pornographic-related material.

Is this the kind of society you want to live in? I certainly don't.So how can we change things? We talk about rights of business owners, but what about the rights of our children?Are they destined to grow up in a society which is molding their minds into that likeTed Bundy's, or are we going to bring them up as prominent, well-adjusted members of society? That is why I support this bill. I would like to see all forms of sexually explicit material regulated.

I am a mother of three. I am not a member of any organization. Just a concerned citizen who wants to see our country start standing up for us common people as well as those business owners who only care about making money. Even at the expense of others.

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