The Carroll County Sun News Person Of The Year

January 05, 1992

Name: Marilynn J. Phillips

Honored by The Carroll County Sun for:Her work in gaining equal access for disabled people

Age: 47

Residence; hometown: Hampstead; Chicago

Education: Graduate of the University of Illinois in Urbana with a bachelor's degree in history, a master's degree in English and a master's degree in the history of ideas; earned a doctorate in folklore from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

Family: Husband: Robert Winans, 51, an English professor at Gettysburg (Pa.) College

Activities/hobbies: enjoys reading; employed as an English professor at MorganState University in Baltimore; enjoys folklore, specializing in oralhistories and body image

Accomplishments: Achieving academic success; having published articles in her field of scholarship; her activism for people with disabilities.

Recipient's comments: "I don't have much time for fun, because I have to work at making sure people obey the accessibility laws. If people would just obey the laws, I would have plenty of time for fun. I believe that accessibility for persons with disabilities is good insurance for everyone since everyone is just one moment away from a disability. It ensures all of us a goodquality of life."

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